2024 Guangzhou International Shoes Exhibition

Date:31 October-2 November

Venue: China Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo.


Exhibition Overview

  • Take you to develop China's huge footwear market, focusing on the world footwear industry


At present, China consumes 3.85 billion pairs of shoes each year exceeding 21.33 pairs in the United States, making it the country with the largest consumption of finished shoes in the world. Chinese people's consumption concept has also undergone tremendous changes, not only satisfied with the practical value of the product, but also pay more attention to the brand value of the product. China is a huge market. China has focused its attention on the world. At this point, the domestic shoe enterprises are creating their own brand; this time the international footwear brand is targeting the Chinese market. The 18th Guangzhou International Shoes Fair, a follow the development of the Chinese market modern professional finished footwear exhibition platform, a shoe business at home and abroad to promote the brand, radiation brand charm of high-end footwear gathering!

The last show was successfully closed on  November , 2017.The exhibition area of 26,800 square meters, a total of 632 exhibitors, the three-day exhibition attracted a total of 27 countries and regions from 35,762 professional spectators and buyers to visit the purchase. There are about 48% overseas buyers.The industry has reaffirmed that the Guangzhou International shoes Fair is one of the professional footwear events in mainland China, and is also one of the exhibition platforms for purchasing, distributing and ordering high-end footwear in Asia.With its scale, flow of people, exhibitors and audience quality, diversified exhibits, perfect organization, the exhibition has been known as Asia and China has an influential and large-scale professional exhibition of the shoe industry. It is also the first choice event of the industry's annual exhibition activities.In 2017, exhibitors from all over the world and national exhibitors have signed up for the exhibition.In addition to China, Hong Kong, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain. Different chambers of commerce from Britain, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries and regions will again organize a delegation to participate in the exhibition, as well as those from Italy where the first exhibitors will be exhibit.This exhibition is expected to be attended by 500 enterprises with a scale of 30,000 square meters and more than 25000 professional buyers are expected to come to visit and purchase.

  • Buyer service continues to upgrade

Apart from arranging free shuttle buses to and from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Guangzhou to pick up buyers to the exhibition hall.

  • Comprehensive promotion network attracts a large number of buyers at home and abroad

Hong Kong new exhibition international exhibition co., LTD Will use the accumulated market experience and channels for many years to send the tickets to the effective buyers through direct mail.We choose different mainstream industry media to make a strong advertising campaign for target groups.Meanwhile, more than 50 websites and magazines publicize the exhibition. The organizer also arranges special human resources to invite important domestic and overseas buyers through phone calls and visits.An omni-directional invitation to the audience will ensure the number and quality of the buyers.


  • Fashion show

A completely new set of T sets, a closed theatre stage, a huge color screen background, and a full-length video of the whole process, making free CDS for participating exhibitors for other promotional purposes.Several shows show the new fashion trend of men and women's shoes.The exhibitors can also hold the new product launch event in a special format, which is only for the customers to be invited, highlighting the high-end image of the brand.

  • Trends Corner Trends

During the exhibition, a number of new overseas fashion products and pictures were displayed, which brought new cutting-edge footwear design concepts to visitors.

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